Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2014

If you are running a blog/ website because of getting some money, as all of you know that Google Adsense is known by their CPC,PPC etc is very high than any other ad network in the world. Google Adsense is world wide used ad network, millions of website getting Adsense on daily basis, as all of you know that Google Adsense is Google market and highest paying marketing the word then Why would anyone want to use Google Adsense Alternatives when Adsense is the best?
Top 10 Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives in 2014, Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2014
So answer is very simply and easy, there are many reasons why a blogger would want to use Google Adsense alternatives, few of them mention here.
  1. Google Adsense Very Hard To Approve
  2. Very strict Policies
  3. Due To Little Mistake You Account Will Banned
  4. Very late Payment
  5. Low PPC Rate
So here is mention some disadvantages of Google Adsense due to which blogger now turning other ad providing networks, so here is the list of top 10 best alternate of Google Adsense.

Here is Top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives:

1. BuySellAds

I think second largest ad network in the world after Adsense, they will not pay you like Google Adsense or PPC, they will pay you for Ad space sold, mean to say that you have no need to search best advertiser, they will give to advertiser, advertiser will buy space on your website, about payment they will pay you 75% of payment and 25% they will keep.

 2. Yahoo! Bing Network

There is no doubt that YBN is a very good contextual Adsense alternative but it’s also so hard to approve, they give you two payment options Paypal and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold is $100 and it’s very simple to achieve if you have got an honest traffic. YBN CPC Range is 0.05$ – 1$.

3. Infolinks

I am also using infolinks on my other two blogs, this is also best alternate of Google Adsense, for infolinks approval you need a textual website or blog, if you have 15-20 textual post then you will approved by infolinks, there is no need of any other things, Infolinks will pay you according to PPC, Infolinks CPC Range is 0.001$ – 0.30$ and payment method also very easy, if you have 100$ you can receive payment via. Western Union, Wire Transfer, you can receive by Payoneer pre-paid debit card.

 4. Chitika

Chitika, Inc. is a search-targeted advertising company. Chitika is a PPC ads network, I personally used Chitika few years on my blogs, if you have good amount of traffic on your blog, and you can get really good CPC clicks. Approval on Chitika is very easy, need of specific page view or traffic, Chitika CPC Range is 0.01$ – 1$, you can receive payment via  PayPal when your balance crosses $10 or you can receive payments via check (minimum balance must be greater than $50). 

 5. Tribal Fusion

Very good alternate of Google Adsense, Tribal fusion is one of the popular CPM Ad network but so difficult to get approve, there are some requirement such as more then 50,0000 page preview per month, you need top-level domain URL, A professional and attractive site design and few more, if you have good enough traffic then you can get account here, you can receive Tribal Fusion payment via. Paypal, CPM Rates of Tribal Fusion is $0.20 to $ 1.

6. Clicksor

Clicksor is reliable alternate of Google Adsense but good enough, it offers banner, text and pop up ads. Clicksor is very easy to approve, there is no such requirements to get approve you can just sign up and you can get account here,  clicksor CPC Range is 0.01$ – 0.5$, $2+ per 1000 views of pop-ups (CPM), you can receive payment via. Payout if you have account balance more then 50$.


Bing Network Contextual Ads program enables web publishers to easily and earn advertising revenue. is providing its user the best rates for ads as well as the best ads. You can receive payment via through Paypal if you cross 100$.

8. Bidvertiser

I think one or two time I use this program but I was not really impressed by it but you can try it, approval of Bidvertiser is so easy but it has very low CPC, I think CPC Range is 0.01$ – 0.2$ which is very low cost, you can receive pay via Paypal if you cross balance limit 10$.

9. Kontera

Not too impressive ad network is but good enough, it is in-text ad service that only works well if you have US/Canada and other European traffic, it’s is a good alternate of Google Adsense but it’s not for world wide, it is very easy to approve, CPC Range of Kontera is 0.001$ – 0.4$, you can receive payment via Paypal if you have minimum balance $50.

10. Exit Junction

Another alternate of Google Adsense is Exit junction, if you have good amount of traffic on your website then you can earn more effectively by this program, it work different ways, it will show relevant Ad as a pop up window to a visitors, so you can get easily account here, Exit Junction has a fairly good CTR, You can receive payment if you have minimum amount $50.

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Como Ganar Dinero En Internet - La Verdad!

Como Ganar Dinero desde casa por Internet, trabajo desde casa, trabajos desde casa, como vender por internet, trabajos por internet, 
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 hacer dinero,ganar dinero por internet, Ganar dinero online ahora es fácil en nuestra web. Ganar dinero desde casa y por internet se puede con varios métodos sencillos. Como ganar dinero llenando encuestas por Internet.


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Lograr ganar dinero por internet es una meta que muchos quieren alcanzar, la idea de poder trabajar desde casa y poder cuidar a tus seres queridos o pasar más tiempo con ellos es realmente atractiva, lamentablemente internet es muy grande y existen mucho sitios que solo se dedican a engañar a las personas y les prometen ganar miles de dólares al mes sin trabajar o sin hacer nada, es por eso que me decidí a escribir este post, de manera que más personas conozcan las verdaderas formas de ganar dinero en el internet, pero es si es importante que sepan que como en la vida real, el internet requerirá de tiempo y dedicación para lograr sus metas, deben ser constantes para ver los beneficios, que realmente pueden ser mucho si se dedican a fondo a este mundo.

Perfect APP ¡Un Negocio Increible Gratis que Paga !

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click en enlace para registrarse directamente -->

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Alternative to Google Adsense 2013

Today, many web sites make use of advertising service Google Adsense to make money through their visits. Google Adsense, as every webmaster knows, is a free program offered by Google that gives us the possibility to improve our revenue through our website. Adsense works by inserting advertising in our sector and we indicate the content is usually related to the topics covered on the site in question.

the best alternative to Google Adsense 2013

this is

Adesense is very popular, but there are other alternatives for the webmaster who is not satisfied 
with their income, which has been unfairly banned from the program (there are many cases) or can not exploit the niche has by strict Reglass Adsense. So today we bring one alternative to Google Adsense:
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